There're Options

By Rui Xin

How did you learn in your primary school? To me, all I can recall from my experience was a fixed schedule, a fixed seat, fixed homework, and fixed friends. The structured education worked for me, as it has well prepared me for the middle school. However, at George Watts Montessori School, I see a different possibility. I have never heard of the term "Montessori Education" before doing this project, yet I decided to document this amazing education philosophy immediately after touring Watts.

In Ms. Estes's upper elementary class, fourth and fifth graders study together, fostering a connection between different age groups. All kids receive a work plan, listing what they have to finish for the coming week. Unlike traditional schools, items on work plans are often generic, and the difficulty of the actual work varies from kids to kids. Over the week, they can choose, under the guidance of Ms. Estes, what and when to study.

They have options.

Thank you, Ms. Estes, and your amazing class! Thank you all for giving me such an unforgettable experience. — Rui