Ms. Carinder: The Gift of Understanding

By Stephanie Gandelman

This semester, I had the privilege of chronicling a day in the life of Mrs. Carinder’s class. Not knowing what to expect, I quickly realized that I had come across an amazingly bright, hard-working, and fun-loving group of fourth and fifth graders. Over the weeks and months, they showed me that learning at any level is a journey; it is often frustrating and difficult, but is equally as often a truly thrilling experience. Their friendships are strong and their excitement to be together is always apparent. Mrs. Carinder is a seasoned teacher with a gift for understanding the needs of her students, their limits, and how to nudge them to succeed on their own. She is tough on her students because she believes in their abilities and wants to see them reach their potential, and I have the utmost respect for her for this reason. At the end of the day, this is a class that is constantly striving for both academic and personal growth.