August and Rafi

By Prisha Gupta

August and Rafi are in the 5th and 3rd grade at George Watts Montessori Magnet School. In this project, I aimed to highlight August and Rafi's similarities and differences, hoping to draw the invisible relationship they have while they're in school. Both are the oldest in their classrooms this year, and it is clear to see how much of an impact August and Rafi have on their classmates and teachers. Each brother's personality naturally draws people to them, with Rafi being fun and talkative, and August being cool and collected. Though they are different, it's fun to see how similar they can be such as wearing blue all the time and being smart, athletic, leaders, etc. Follow a day in their lives at George Watts!

I would like to thank the family for letting me into their lives and to George Watts for accommodating me and my class this semester. I was initially interested in doing my project on August and Rafi because of my relationship with my own brother and was surprised to see just how much I saw my brother and I in August and Rafi. My older brother is similar to August in that they are both STEM-oriented, diligent, athletic, independent people, and I found Rafi and I to be similar socially and in our creativity. Despite my brother and I's differences, there were still many things we shared, and as I grew older, I saw parts of myself reflected in my brother. I know that at school, my brother and I were completely different people than how we were at home, so I hope that this project can help August and Rafi see different sides of each other and to see just how much they share.

To August and Rafi, it was so lovely to get to know the both of you and your parents. Thank you so much for letting me take photos and for chatting with me--you always made my day so much better! I wish you all the best!