Grow Watts Grow

By Morgan Carney

I was fortunate enough to stumble into this garden at a very exciting time for Watts- this fall was the first time Becca Wright started teaching nutrition and cooking classes on a regular schedule in every single one of the classrooms. Following Becca and the cooking cart around the school quickly became my absolute favorite part of every week this semester, so much so that I even forgot to take pictures from time to time and instead got caught up right along with the kids in learning how to make “super hero smoothies” with strawberries and spinach, or sweet potato pancakes with the bright purple potatoes from the garden. The smiles I got to see on the kids’ faces as they picked cherry tomatoes off the vine or chopped green peppers for the first time will stay in my memory for a long time to come.

When I say this project has been a “labor of love” for Alice, Becca, and so many others at Watts, I truly mean it on both the “labor” and the “love” sides. The enthusiasm, support, and motivation from so many parents, volunteers, and the wonderful teachers and staff at the school is really the backbone of support that is driving this project from an incredible idea to even more incredible reality.

I would like to say an extremely heartfelt thank you to both Alice Bumgarner and Becca Wright for all of the time they spent teaching me and helping with this project. Thanks also to the Pattersons for inviting me over and allowing me to photograph and cook with you- the enthusiasm and joy in your home is infectious.

For more up to date information about what is going on today in the garden, please visit Alice’s blog: