Beyond a Textbook

By Irene Biju

Ms. Faggart has been teaching at George Watts Montessori Elementary School for over ten years. Her passion for the Montessori style of teaching is apparent in the daily interactions she has with her students. She teaches a class of pre-K and kindergarten students, and in her classroom, every day is a new adventure. Whether they are learning about new animals or practicing the alphabet, Ms. Faggart's students are always collaborating with their friends and creating a community of compassion and respect. Ms. Faggart strives to make sure her classroom is a welcoming environment to any student who walks through the door, and her love for teaching is inspiring.

It was a wonderful experience to sit in on Ms. Faggart's classes. I grew up in a normal public school in Pennsylvania that did not follow the Montessori method, so it was very interesting to learn about the inner workings of a Montessori classroom. I always looked forward to taking a break from my college life to go to Ms. Faggart's class and slow down. I’ve learned so much about the value of tailoring a school curriculum to fit a child's needs. I would like to thank Ms. Faggart, Mr. Alexander, and all the kids in Ms. Faggart's class for allowing me to learn more about their lives.