More Than a Teacher

By Madison Griffin

Mr. Cook is the AIG teacher at George Watts Montessori Elementary School. He is an advocator for his students and ensures that they achieve their full potential. He is the rock of the Upper El and students love to spend as much time with him as they can. His laugh and his charisma draw students in and actually make them excited about learning math.

Being with Mr. Cook throughout this semester has led me to understand the significance of elementary education. I am so grateful for Mr. Cook letting me sit in on his class and learn about his teaching styles and the reasons why he does what he does. I think that attending these classes helped me to understand the effort it takes to ensure quality education for all students. I thoroughly enjoyed telling this story to show how students can benefit from teachers going out of their way so they can get the best of their education. This story discusses the valuable role Mr. Cook has at the school and how he works with his students. I love how this story came to play and I am excited to see how these math groups develop over the years.