Ana: In Between Cultures

By Emily Eshman

Through my journey photographing and creating this story about Ana, a vivacious Honduran 3rd grader, I encountered logistical and conceptual challenges, as both a photographer as well as a journalist. In the classroom I struggled to capture diverse photographs of Ana so as not to distract her and mitigate her already problematic tendency to chat with her friends. While at her home, I was torn between balancing my desire to be Ana’s friend and interact with her and the necessity to capture images for my project. Ana’s never-ending energy and contagious laughter motivated my work throughout the semester and I was able to find a balance between documentarian and friend. I enjoyed every moment I spent with Ana, her mother Nixia, and her 15 year-old brother Edwin and I am incredibly grateful they welcomed me into their lives. While this project address the underlying academic challenges Ana faces in the classroom and at Watts, my hope is that when you finish watching this video you will gain the same sense of adoration for Ana as I acquired throughout the time I spent with her this semester.