Ms. Carinder's Class: Leaving Behind Something Special

By Caroline Edmondson

There's a story unfolding in the George Watts Montessori Media Center this year that's even more special than the stories contained in its many books--the story of Ms. Carinder's Upper El class. This year, Ms. Carinder's class is housed in the Media Center, and it's twice as large as a normal class. Ms. Carinder is the perfect teacher to run such an extraordinary classroom. Her commitment to building meaningful relationships with each student allows the class to function beautifully, and she has created a safe, encouraging environment where everyone feels ready to do their best. Ms. Carinder has spent decades making George Watts a better place, and after inspiring generations of students, she is finally preparing to leave the classroom behind. As her students prepare for middle school and Ms. Carinder prepares for retirement, it is clear that this special group plans to make the most of their time at Watts.

After spending a semester in the Media Center with this incredible group of people, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for everything I've learned and the connections I've made. Getting to know Ms. Carinder's students has been such a joyful process, and their energy and enthusiasm have been such a delight to witness. I wish them all the best of luck in their future endeavors, and I am so grateful to these students and their families for sharing with me. I am beyond lucky to have gotten to know Ms. Carinder herself, who not only has a wealth of knowledge about education, but is also a supportive, genuine person and community member. I want to thank every member of the George Watts staff and faculty who have allowed us into their home and trusted us with their school family--this experience has been unforgettable. The teachers, students, and staff of George Watts all have beautiful, important stories, and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to tell one of those stories.