Stephanie Brennan

By Caashia Karringten

Stephanie Brennan, also known as Coach B, is the PE teacher at Watts Montessori elementary school. She has been teaching for twelve years and has loved every moment it, from the day she started teaching. She loves to play and have fun with the kids and always puts them as her first priority. I chose to do my project on Coach B’s PE class because physical education is also one of my very own passions in life. Ever since I was a little girl I always loved going to gym class. Now, today I play on the field hockey team at Duke University and have learned so much from playing sports for such a long time. So, It was very interesting to have an outside view of a child playing in PE, when I’ve only ever had my own perspective. I wanted to capture the interaction Coach B had with the kids and the excitement within the classroom. The title is supposed to embody the art of playing in a controlled environment. Because this is a learning environment there are goals for this class just like any other. What becomes interesting though, is how the children consider playing and learning at the same time. Some of the most creative and exciting things happen in this classroom. I have loved working with Coach B and the kids. Seeing the happiness and excitement from the kids has made it a tremendous experience to say the least.